Alternative Behavioral Therapy

Smart Counsel Podcast

Episode 0028

Family Systems and Addiction, with Mary Jane Wilt

Rhys and Josh visited with Mary Jane Wilt, a local Portland therapist who specializes in family systems. An introduction to Dr. Murray Bowen and Family Systems ensued. Many new things were learned.

Episode 0027

Men, Boys and Anger, with Aynsley Silva

Aynsley Silva has build a practice almost exclusively on working with men. In this conversation, he and Rhys and Josh talk about the fusion of trauma, anger, unrealistic expectations, and toxic family systems. Listen along for insights on how to work with families, and especially with the angry boys

Episode 0026

The Farewell Letter, with Michael Banis

Rhys and Josh talk with Michael Banis from Recovery Ways about the challenges involved in aftercare for extended sobriety, as well as the very tangible treatment resources that are available.

Episode 0025

Sex, Trauma, and Forgotten Partners

Rhys shares reflections and highlights from the Module 2 training of the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist training through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. 

Episode 0024

The Three Rules of Good with Collin White-Pedeaux

Collin White-Pedeaux for a discussion about philosophical concepts that have implications for our everyday clinical encounters. We discuss the age old Golden Rule, the more client centered Platinum Rule, and the very interesting Titanium Rule as we endeavor to determine what is "Good" for clients.

Episode 0023

Telehealth with Robin Clarke

Rhys Pasimio and Joshua Moore sat down with Robin Clarke to learn all the basics of HIPPA, inter-state licensure concerns, and even aesthetic considerations in providing Telehealth counseling. Rhys started the conversation very skeptical, with Joshua starting out much more comfortable with the idea.

Episode 0022

Family in Crisis With Dan Bates

Family is important, and a healthy family is no accident! Those striving to cultivate a family environment that is safe, nurturing, loving, and emotionally intelligent face a formidable set of challenges.  What's a family in crisis to do?

Episode 0021

Sex Adjudication and Advocacy, with Zach Guzman

Welcome to the world of Offense Specific clinical work! Individuals who have been convicted of a sex offense face some unique challenges and stigmas-perhaps some of the most brutal stigmas of any convict person! 

Episode 0020

EMDR with Jeanne Meyer

EMDR is increasingly popular and highly effective, but just what is it and how does it work? We sat down with Jean Meyer, who herself studied under Francine Shapiro who developed EMDR, and asked her these very questions! 

Episode 0019

Things to Consider in Education with Kristen White

Rhys and Josh speak with Dr. Kristen White, director of the Masters in Counseling Program at Multnomah University. Dr. White offers perspectives on the field of counselor education as well as some useful things to consider for the aspiring counselor seeking a school to call their own.

Episode 0018

Toxic Masculinity and Recovery with Ben Poling

Ben Poling joins Josh and Rhys in the Counseling House to discuss the the synergy of gender, emotional intelligence and healthy, sustainable sobriety. Listen along and join the conversation!

Episode 0017

A Chaplain's Approach to Recovering Masculinity

Listen along and join the conversation!

Episode 0016

Story Informed Trauma with Diane Moore

Rhys and Joshua are back, this time with Diane Moore! What is trauma? More specifically, what is the story of the trauma? Even more important, what is the story we tell ourselves about our trauma? And when that story keeps us trapped, how do we rewrite the story? 

Episode 0015

Things Therapists Should Never Say

Rhys and Joshua are back, discussing things therapists should never say.

Episode 0014

Secret Lives of Practice Managers with Ted Rydmark

Behind every great clinician in a clinic is a REALLY great support staff! Meet Ted, a practice manager, and welcome to the marvelous and most essential world of practice managers, support staff, administrators, and everyone else who makes it possible for the counselors to have their jobs!

Episode 0013

Trauma Informed Therapy with Hillary Reno

What is trauma informed care? What is safety and why does it matter in a therapeutic space? How can professionals move beyond using trauma-informed as a trendy marketing term and sustain a living practice that understands, respects addresses the acute and ongoing traumas in the lives of our clients?

Episode 0012

Acceptance & the Serenity Prayer, Nathan Fordham

The Serenity Prayer is one of the most well-known prayers in recovery circles and in pop culture. What is a healthy understanding of acceptance? What are unhealthy ideas masquerading as acceptance? How can a practice of acceptance enhance or befuddle a therapy process? 

Episode 0011

Dance Movement Therapy with Mariah LeFeber

What is the difference between Dance Movement Therapy and just dancing? How is dance and other body movement good for working through trauma, addiction, and other dysfunction? We move through all these topics and more in a dynamic and exciting conversation!