Alternative Behavioral Therapy

About Biofeedback


 Biofeedback is the process of training of mental states and autonomic functions by monitoring some aspect of the body and giving positive and negative feedback through sensory information, such as sight, sound, tactile, and even smell.  There are many different biofeedback approaches and tools.

Our most commonly used biofeedback approach is by using the Heart Rhythm Variability (HRV) to train conscious mental states, heart health, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance.  Through a mobile handheld monitor and a finger/ear clip, an individual can train the head-heart connection.  This training has been found to be especially beneficial when done in conjunction with Neurofeedback. 

By giving feedback to heart rhythm variability and by practicing mindfulness techniques, we can calm the nervous system.  This training provides three levels of influence.

  • The development of conscious control of the nervous system response.
  • Progress through unconscious training of the nervous system.
  • Development of distress tolerance, mindfulness, and distract skills.